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crushing my balls

A Short Bull-Buster

She stood on the toilet seat crushing my balls. "YES MISTRESS JANET YEAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH" She laughed at me. "They do take a bit of abuse...

Red Mosquito • View topic - I crush my balls all day

I love my old navy jeans. Very comfortable and no ball crushing. ... cutuphalfdead wrote: I love my old navy jeans. Very comfortable and no ball...

previous nuts - OddTodd

This story doesn't include me; it's one my friend told me. .... When she reached for my balls I thought at fist she was going to crush them some more but I was...

Legs too big, my balls CRUSHED when I sit, I'm in pain, help

Well, this might sound funny, but for me it's hellish. Whenever I sit, I'm not confortable. Either my balls get crushed by my inner tights or by the...

12 Ways To Crush Your Own Testicles In Your Own Home - ilXor

The 'ate my balls' meme has finally taken on a newer form. ... Oh yes! The common every day toilet seat is actually a testicle crushing device...

I Love Having My Balls Squeezed - Experience Project

Join friendly people sharing 23 true stories in the I Love Having My Balls ... First Time Ever Squeezing Balls - I recently was with a guy, that when given a blow...

Crushing my Ball

Mar 30, 2012 ... This time I asked my girl to crush this tiny soccer ball (but actually she didn´t realize it was a candy), meanwhile she played a little soccer on...

The Vice

My ball crushing experience. by Aliquis. I had been contemplating testing a ball crusher – on myself. Honestly, I have wanted to experience both the method, and...

My Gf almost crushed my balls because I said that her friend

Every girl gets jealous. That's like her saying one of your friends are hot and stuff. You would be mad. I would've been mad too it I was her.

Dream chacters keep squeezing my balls - Dream Views

Like, what the fuck does this mean?!?! It really hurts and it's not like a one time thing, it happens quite oft They don't always do it out of hate,


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